Donate your damaged and unsold stock of poetry books and writing guides to Shelf Life and we will cover the costs of shipping from your house to ours!


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THE PROBLEM: A book’s shelf life is about six months. Most books are destroyed since the cost of shipping unsold stock back to the warehouse is more than the cost of printing a new book. If books do get shipped back, they are warped, bent and useless. Presses have no choice but to let the stock be destroyed.


THE SOLUTION:  Shelf Life – a new program launched as a collaboration between Write Bloody Publishing and the 501c3 nonprofit Write Now Poetry Society.  The program’s  goal is to get its hands on that unsold stock of poetry, prose and writing reference books and ship them to the underfunded writing programs that need them –workshops at homeless shelters, jails, community centers and other venues with programs exposing  vulnerable and at-risk youth and adults to the healing, inspiring, life-changing power of writing.